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Here you will find some super bargains from our range of party supplies, plastic cups, glasses and party tableware. Grab yourself a bargain from our end of line recyclable, reusable, compostable and disposable plastic cups, glasses, tableware, drinks accessories and party supplies special offers.

All our plastics are BPA free. 

  • Sale
    £11.55 (inc VAT)
    £9.63 (ex VAT)

    Reusable Plastic Frosted Shot Glass 30ml

    Smart looking and virtually scratch proof. At 30ml, these ice-white shot glasses are the perfect size for an optic-dispensed single measure shot. T...

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    from £0.26
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    £35.98 (inc VAT)
    £29.98 (ex VAT)

    Clear Disposable Plastic Tumbler Glass 100ml - Crystal Polystyrene

    Bigger than a shot glass but smaller than most other glasses, these disposable 100ml plastic glasses are perfect for offering samples. Made in the ...

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    from £1.99
  • Save 17%
    £41.12 (inc VAT)
    £34.27 (ex VAT)

    Individually Wrapped Recyclable Water Cooler Cup 230ml Box x 700- Polypropylene

    Each cup is wrapped for hygiene purposes, so perfect for Hotels, Schools and Hospitals.  If you need a cup for water or cold drinks but not hot dri...

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    Original price £49.35
    Current price £41.12
    Save 17%
  • £30.99 (inc VAT)
    £25.83 (ex VAT)

    Coloured Reusable Plastic Elite Coffee Glass 227ml - Polycarbonate

    This stylish and virtually unbreakable coffee cup is made out of polycarbonate and comes in black or white. It has a capacity of 227ml/22.7cl/8floz...

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    from £1.85
  • Save 50%
    £0.49 (inc VAT)
    £0.41 (ex VAT)

    16 x Disposable Pirate Party Napkin 330 x 330mm - Paper

    Put the 'AR' in party with our pirate party range! These napkins are perfect for a children's party to clear up those little spillages! Our napkins...

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    Original price £0.98
    Current price £0.49
    Save 50%
  • Save 35%
    £12.99 (inc VAT)
    £10.83 (ex VAT)

    Pirate Party Pack. 24 x Plates, 24 x Cups and 48 x Napkins.

    Put the 'AR' into party with our fun pirate party pack which is just perfect for children's pirate themed parties! Our pirate range really sets the...

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    Original price £19.99
    Current price £12.99
    Save 35%
  • Save 12%
    £1.89 (inc VAT)
    £1.58 (ex VAT)

    Premium Reusable Two Pint Graniti Plastic Glasses 1140ml - Acrylic

    This two pint Graniti glass has a massive stand-out-from-the-crowd wow factor that is guaranteed draw attention.  This glass is CE-ready, which mea...

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    Original price £2.15
    Current price £1.89
    Save 12%
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    £54.00 (inc VAT)
    £45.00 (ex VAT)

    Clear Compostable Tumbler Glass 390ml - PLA

    These biodegradable tumblers are made from PLA - a plastic resin made from corn starch. However, you would have to be an expert in plastics to tell...

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    from £2.25
  • Save 20%
    £0.39 (inc VAT)
    £0.33 (ex VAT)

    Disposable Moustache Madness Party Cup 266ml Pack of 8 - Paper

    Moustache themed party paper cups. These colourful cups are great for any party. Specifications Material Paper Dimensions Width: 80mm :: Height: 95...

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    Original price £0.49
    Current price £0.39
    Save 20%
  • Save 17%
    £22.99 (inc VAT)
    £19.16 (ex VAT)

    Recyclable Plastic Small Glass Tumbler 250ml Case x 1000- Polypropylene

    This is the smallest shatterproof recyclable plastic glass available that is not a water cup. Ideal for children. small-measure drinks and may also...

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    Original price £27.55
    Current price £22.99
    Save 17%
  • £45.29 (inc VAT)
    £37.74 (ex VAT)

    Clear Sampling Pot 57ml- Crystal Polystyrene

    Injection moulded plastic sampling pots  like these are the finest available for product promotion. They are crystal clear, flawless and neutral in...

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    from £2.49
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    £53.08 (inc VAT)
    £44.23 (ex VAT)

    3 Piece Cocktail Shaker 568ml - Polycarbonate

    A strong and durable polycarbonate cocktail shaker with strainer and shot glass with a spirit guide for the perfect pour.A perfect accomplishment w...

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    from £5.10