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Plastics Explained

The plastics in our products.
We have a wide range of plastic glasses and products. All of our products use the best quality plastic, however not all of these are biodegradable. Below is a guide to the plastic we use, what it can be used for and why.

The 'Biodegradable' Plastic

PLA or Polylactide Acid is a natural,environmentally friendly plastic. It is 100% biodegradable and can be degraded by a commercial composter in approximately 12 weeks. It’s good with colder temperatures, so better suited for those cool iced summer drinks. PLA plastic glasses need to be recycled separately; if not, they can contaminate your other plastics. Make sure you check with your local authority regarding the best way to recycle all your plastic.

The most recyclable plastic

PET or RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) are a lightweight, shatter resistant, strong, thermostable plastic, and also the best for recycling. So much so that all councils and local authority recycle collectors welcome this type of plastic.

The strongest plastic

Polycarbonate is simply the toughest and virtually unbreakable plastic. It is substantial and glasslike in weight and appearance. Glasses made from it last and last remaining unbreakable even after 500 washes in the dishwasher. Their extra insulation also means that they keep cold drinks colder for longer.

The cheapest plastic

Polypropylene plastic glasses are disposable, flexible, not very tough and only designed for a one time use, making these glasses more popular for festivals and large scale outdoor events.

The most rigid disposable plastic

Crystal Polystyrene glasses are tough and hard. However, as they are rigid it means they are breakable and crack under pressure.They are disposable, generally used for cold drinks.

The cheapest reusable plastic

Polystyrene glasses are hard, clear and brittle. They can be washed at least 100 times in your dishwasher, so great for general use. Although they are hard they are still breakable, often used for both hot and cold drinks.

The strongest, heat resistant plastic

SAN (Styrene acrylonitrile) plastic glasses are strong and sturdy. They can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees, making them ideal for unlimited use in your home.

The fake 'biodegradable plastic'

(Combined Polyethylene,polypropylene,polystyrene) Plastics made of these mixed ingredients are called Oxo degradable plastics . Promoted as the greener option and marketed as ‘biodegradable’ they divide the plastics industry. This plastic is however treated with additives in an attempt to appear biodegradable, so it is not 100% biodegradable. Dukes Valley refuse to sell products containing this ingredient as it is misleading to customers.