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Dukes Valley Cookie Policy

This website uses a small number of cookies to ensure you have the best and most secure experience shopping with us. As with most e-commerce stores, these cookies are required to enable you to be able to shop with us.
What Are Cookies?
The nature of the internet is such that without help, a web site does not know who is making which request for a page. This means that as you move between pages in a web site, the web site does not have a way of remembering things that you ask to happen - for example putting things into your shopping basket. Similarly, it would not know who you are when you are logged in.
This problem has been solved over time by using things like cookies. In essence they serve as a token that your browser can present to the website on every request so that it knows which page requests go together to make up your visit.
In real terms, a cookie is a small text file that is placed and stored on your computer, mobile or other device by websites that you visit.
Our cookies can never be used by themselves to identify you or your activity as they do not contain any personal or sensitive information.
For further independent information on the use of cookies visit or
Temporary Session Cookies
These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your device's browser until you close the browser. They can enable better site functionality and can be used by the server to store / remember information about a user's web page activity. A good example of why they are useful is that they let us know which order is yours as you move between pages.
Persistent Cookies
These are cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser for longer than a single visit (how long depends on the lifetime of the specific cookie). Generally speaking, persistent cookies can be used to track website visits, including returning and unique visitors, and to monitor how people interact with a website.
How Do We Use Cookies?
We use temporary session cookies as follows:
Cookie Use Cookie Type
Ensure the security of your visit Temporary Cookie
Enable tracking of your activity between pages Temporary Cookie
Why We Use Temporary Session Cookies
The session cookies that we use are strictly necessary for the website to operate. They are essential to make certain site functionality possible, including the ability to log in and shop with us. You must have temporary session cookies enabled if you wish to use our website.
These cookies are deleted from your browser when it is closed.
We do not use persistent or permanent cookies.
Managing, Disabling And Enabling Cookies
You have the ability to accept or decline cookies from any website by modifying the settings in your browser. If you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by our website, you can do this through your browser settings.
For more information about how to manage and disable cookies you can use the 'Help' function within your browser or please visit or
Please note that deleting or disabling cookies set by this web site could affect the functionality of our website and you will not be able to access certain areas or features.
Analytical Cookies
In addition to our standard temporary cookies, we currently use some of the tools provided by Google to enable us to ensure the site offers you a good performance. These tools track the number of people accessing our site along with basic information about which pages are being visited etc.
Some of these Google tools use cookies which your browser receive via our website. These are persistent cookies and as such can last longer than a visit to our web site. These cookies are performance cookies and are used as part of our web analytics activity to monitor traffic and compile reporting about how users are using our website.
The cookies are used to capture anonymous data about a user's journey around our website and the information is aggregated in order to allow us to analyse trends and to make improvements.
To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites (not just ours), you can visit for more information.
More Information
If you require any further information about cookies or how to disable them, please visit or
Your Agreement
By continuing to use our site, having seen our cookie notice, we assume that you consent to the use of the cookies outlined above. We may use a persistent cookie to remember your preference and avoid showing you our cookie notice repeatedly.