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Pure Paper Cups. No plastic lining. No 'bio-degradable' plastic.

Pure Paper Cups. No plastic lining. No 'bio-degradable' plastic.

Our new range of 'pure paper' cups is a real game changer in the world of single use cups. 

Not lined with plastic. Not lined with 'biodegradable' plastic. Not green-washed. This paper cup is liner-free - ethically sourced - and can be recycled directly with paper even with your home recycling. With certificates to prove it.

Most paper cups are not actually paper at all, but white card (fibreboard) laminated with plastic, making them a mixed material and therefore difficult to recycle. While it is true that some companies pay for their plastic-lined cups to be recycled, the vast majority end up in land-fill because it is not economically viable to recycle these cups outside of a dedicated scheme.

Until now, the plastic liner has been fundamental to a paper cup's construction - it is what sticks the cup together and stops the fibreboard absorbing the drink and disintegrating. These linerless cups achieve the same thing by using a latex-based spray-on coating that enables the cup to function long enough to be usable but not so long as to preserve the cup when being pulped. This means that these cups can be recycled directly with paper and card, and the valuable cellulose fibres can be reclaimed to make more fibre-based products, before eventually breaking down in to a natural biomass. 

They are amazing! A fantastic advance on everything that has come before and a really important product for reducing our use of single-use plastic.

Key features:

- Trustworthy: The 'Pure Paper' range is made in Europe to trusted and certifiable standards.
- Ethically sourced: The fibre-board is made in Finland from sustainably managed European forests, with a PEFC certificate number printed on the side of the cup.
- Recycle directly with paper and card: Aticelca® 501 UNI 11743 (level A) certification, again printed on the side of the cup, proving that it can be recycled with paper.
- Compostable: The cup achieves EN13432 standards for industrial composting (but recycling preserves more of its value and is the preferred end-of-life scenario).
- 'Pure Paper' branding: Deliberately minimal: enough to explain its goodness, but not enough to contaminate the cup. The branding is in three languages: English, French & Italian.
- Seven sizes: 100ml (3oz), 120ml (4oz), 160ml (5oz), 190ml (6oz), 210ml (7oz), 280ml (10oz), 360ml (12oz) (search for 'Pure Paper' in Products)
- Lids: Made from the same plastic-free board as the cup, lids will be available from late 2021.
- Replaces plastic cups for cold drinks in many situations: Ideally suited to schools, canteens, offices and gyms.

Printing This Cup
This cup has no space to be printed with secondary branding, however it can be manufactured with your client's branding instead of the original 'Pure Paper'. 


You can find the range on our website here.....

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