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Recyclable Drinkware & Tableware

We all want to reduce our environmental impact, so buying disposable products that are made from easy to recycle or recycled materials makes total eco sense. In this section you will find beer glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, shot glasses, tumbler glasses, hot cups, portion pots, bottles and sampling & serving products.

Plastic can be recycled many times so it should be the ultimate eco friendly material, however some plastics are easier to recycle than others. Our ‘Recyclable Products’ are made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), recycled PET (rPET) or from fully recyclable paper. PET which is easier to reuse because it can be recycled with other plastics.

Our recyclable plastic glasses can be printed and branded - get in touch to find out more

For more information please visit our 'recycling page'.

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    £66.09 (inc VAT)
    £55.08 (ex VAT)

    Clear Disposable Recyclable Plastic Shot Glass 29ml - Polypropylene

    Clear disposable shot glass made of strong non shatter proof plastic.Perfect for sampling and portion pots.   Easily recyclable: Because this glass...

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    from £1.85
  • £101.09 (inc VAT)
    £84.24 (ex VAT)

    Clear Recyclable Plastic Shot Glass 28ml (Lid Sold Separately)- PET

    28ml PET shot glasses. Perfect for outdoor events as they keep their shape and will not break. Also, as they are made of PET, all councils will pic...

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    from £2.50
  • £156.19 (inc VAT)
    £130.16 (ex VAT)

    Recyclable Paper Shot / Tasting Cup 30ml

    Small paper cup for product sample and experience - printable. Although regular crystal clear plastic shot and sample glasses are recyclable, brand...

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    from £4.29